Playing Hooky

There’s nothing quite like playing hooky? right, especially when it’s with your business partner in the name of ‘Research’, actually maybe we should call ours ‘R and R’ days (Retail gets a look in).  Just a little excited. So we … Continue reading

Hip Hip Hooray: Its Diamond Jubilee Day

Well it is soon, and I have a perfect present for my mother. Her birthday is June 3rd when bunting will be fluttering over the village as the fire beacons are lit and toasts raised over cake until late into … Continue reading

Bohemian Birtwell: a very british delight

The very first fabric I ever bought was from Celia Birtwell, I vaguely appreciated it was Celia I had the long chat with – as I mooned over fabled creatures, princesses, stars and stripes whilst upending the entire basket of … Continue reading