Gloria’s Swansong

What’s not to love? a freshly sketched bouquet of flowers,  the crisp graphic flow, an exuberant message – oh and of course that it’s from Gloria Vanderbilt. Gloria, one of Truman Capote’s original ‘swans’, the great society beauties of 60’s … Continue reading

Sorgue Again

No matter how you arrive, once here, the heat seeps into your bones, rosé flows liberally, summer days are hazy, in tune with the cicadas and the path of the sun. The daily schedule and demands of life  melt away, … Continue reading

Ode to the Swan

Alexander McQueen Swans, they are rather elegant aren’t they? beautiful in fact, as every girl whose read the Ugly Duckling knows.  The stuff of fairy tales and ancient myths.  Swans are devoted, mating for life.   One of Venus’s symbols … Continue reading