Sorgue Again

No matter how you arrive, once here, the heat seeps into your bones, rosé flows liberally, summer days are hazy, in tune with the cicadas and the path of the sun. The daily schedule and demands of life  melt away, … Continue reading

Royère Chic

It feels infinite –  this time of year in the Nothern hemisphere, the cold and grey are relentless. Now is the season to hunker down and cosy up – hhmmm .  The fireplace takes on a whole new meaning, after … Continue reading

In Praise of the Pineapple II

I swear I didn’t know, that small insignia on the hotel site hinted at it, but when we arrived: ‘Welcome to Paradise’, it had pineapples all over it. Irie Man. Initially the view beyond was calling. But then I looked … Continue reading

A Good Read

How do you indulge? Nothing like a spot of time out over frothy cappuccino – I find. Simple Pleasures. In fact my coffee got rather cold over House and Garden’s November issue, NOW rather well thumbed . The home on … Continue reading

Brandolini: Queen of Haute Bohemia

Muriel Brandolini is a decorator in her own world – where all is beauty, dazzling the eye and feeding the senses.  NY Times once crowned her “the newly minted arbiter of Haute Bohemian Chic”. An emerald green silk velvet pouf … Continue reading

Maison Jansen: At Home at Sea

I am a land-lover, when the sea floor disappears from view I mildly panic… where has land gone? Mine was not a childhood messing around on boats. But for one Greek dynasty this has been the case for generations and … Continue reading

In Praise of the Pineapple

I have always loved a pineapple, it’s part of my sur-realism kick, it tickles my fancy and makes me smile to see them.  They have a long design history, inter-twined with the pine cone, and potent symbolism. Plus basically they … Continue reading