Decorex Sketch

September is a storming calvacade after the languor of Summer months, there’s endless shows, events and a constant instagram fizz of fabulous shots: are you Fashion Week frenzied? LDF? Focus-ed? 100% design? Top Drawer? A Decorative Fair? LAPADA’d? V and … Continue reading

In Wood We trust

Well I do. I love it’s primordial soup connection, the dinosaurs and beyond.  In my mind trees are guardians of the earth sprinkled with ancient stardust, Tolkein’s Treebeard meets Blighton’s Enchanted Wood. A feeling reinforced by living beside a wood, … Continue reading

Haslam Has It…

So who… is best friend with Min Hogg, legendary founder of WOI was getting down with Tallulah Bankhead age 15 (in between Eton College term times) was a stalwart companion of Diana Cooper née Manners had reclusive star Greta Garbo … Continue reading

The Way Home

It’s a great title and it’s Jeffrey Bilhuber’s, the subtitle reads ‘Reflections on American beauty’. This side of the Atlantic Ben Pentreath’s offers up ‘English Decoration’, subtitle ‘Timeless Inspiration for the Contemporary Home’, which rather belies the personal tone of … Continue reading

A Christmas Rush

So I went to London last week and it was hotly anticipated, only by me you understand, but still – got a total ‘rush’ – and of course it was MOST rushed…First stop Luke Irwin sample sale, these are beautiful … Continue reading

Provencal Palette: Berry-Nice

colour palette for provence

Of all the images I have from Provence the one that fizzes in my my mind is: Is it how damn edible they are? Is it the diagonal? the array? the green. Well – whatever it is – it is … Continue reading

Billy Baldwin: Lecture 3

The Elements of Decoration – Baldwin takes us through each element of the decor itself from furniture, to colour and lighting. He starts out, as he always does by making the obvious necessary: you do need that room plan and … Continue reading

String is in the Air

My daughter arrived home yesterday and announced ‘Today is the first day of spring –  we can have a picnic!’.  I had to disappoint, shuddering in the Siberian wind chill, which has penetrated even the kitchen’s aga warmth.  But it … Continue reading