Making Burberry

The common threads of fashion and interiors are rarely woven fast.  But the heft of heritage brand Burberry has united with The New Craftsmen’s modern artisans to create a Makers House inspired by Burberry’s ‘September’ collection, celebrating the ‘methods, materials and … Continue reading

Creative Choices

The thing about collecting is you have those pulse racing moment… I found THIS, as happened when I stumbled upon: Printed in 1934 by Parsons and Sons ‘Colour and Varnish makers since 1802‘ it offers ‘the notable colours of the … Continue reading

Alpine Chic

I got distracted: It arrived today: I thought it would be the endless pools…but my eyes were drawn to the  Alpine chic sections. Sorry, couldn’t resist….even Rufus can’t make Leiderhosen work for me: Anyway, Slim really does know how the … Continue reading