I love this light, available in multiple happy-colours, made in resin.

They are available at Ben Pentreath’s Bloomsbury treasure-chest and online store.

Like many items in Pentreath-Land it’s classic with modern fizz. I went along yesterday and they are truly special, worthy of their on-line description below, revealing loving craftsmanship and luminous final product:
Everything used to produce these resin base and book cloth lamps is within walking distance of Marianna Kennedy’s Spitlafield workshop. Driven by the love of the work and a desire to make contemporary objects using traditional techniques. In bright coloured resins, these fantastic table lamps have a splendid traditional quality, with a vibrancy that will make a room glow.

The nights are drawing in, Autumn’s in the air, between the lure of the first-fire and a resin-glow I am happy to draw the curtains. Of course, Mr Pentreath’s shows how it’s done in his sitting room, Farrow and Ball’s Calomine walls are completed with the heavenly Svensk Tenn , Berber rugs… and many fabulous accessoires, naturally including the Happy-Light:


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colour palette for provence

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