The Power of Provenance: Part 1

The Oxford Dictionary  defines provenance as the record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.  In practise provenance reflects the role that ownership has to play in the value … Continue reading

Deceptive Charms

So I paused in London, surveyed my empty purse and thanked the Lord that the V and A always pulls me off the shop floor  street… There in the furthest reaches of the 6th floor is the smallest exhibition you … Continue reading

21st Century Curio

I am embracing Christmas at this stage – but everywhere I look – I am curio-struck, SO I couldn’t resist… Clockwise-ish from top left: House of Hackney tray for Christmas drinks, features woodland animals engaged in cultural activities, very curio. … Continue reading

Very British Taste

The RA’s  Summer Show, I went with my mother a few years ago and it is an extraordinary spectacle of uber-britshness: up-from-the-country, hand bags at the ready, culture-specs on.  I felt a little hemmed in by the future: nothing like … Continue reading

The cat’s whiskers

The party of the century, and what did they all wear – masks. Elegant, sexy, tongue in cheek… miaow. At Truman Capote’s black and white ball those SWANS got their feathers ruffled. But the cat who really caught my attention … Continue reading

String is in the Air

My daughter arrived home yesterday and announced ‘Today is the first day of spring –  we can have a picnic!’.  I had to disappoint, shuddering in the Siberian wind chill, which has penetrated even the kitchen’s aga warmth.  But it … Continue reading