Fly Away

IMG_4178It’s lock down here for the third time this winter, the wind is hurling outside, the snow heavy against the door and the sky still ominous, it’s an oppressive grey and white  vortex. I want to fly away to the limitlessness of India, to Jaipur, where Bar and Café Palladio creates a colourful fantasy world, from our own unbounded imaginations.

Palladio Travel India

Let’s go.

 To an Italian restaurant in India decorated by a Dutch fashion designer in a style fusing modern chic with artisan skills, 18th century Europe and Mughal India in a fresh palette and fantasy vision. This is a place to inspire, a technicolour feast for all the senses. I think we had better start at the café…
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 07.57.46
tented ceiling, trellis walls, trompe l’oiel vistas, scenic painting, lanterns, checker board floor, apricot meets forest green with aqua (move over emerald and pink)… Marie Antoinette could happily meet Cecil Beaton and  Elsie de Wolfe for tea here.
Cafe Palladio Jaipur
and in reality how cute are this couple hanging out ?
Cafe Palladio Jaipur
This is the only snow they are looking at.
How inviting is that? Sit back and relax..Cafe Palladio Jaipur
Boom. what an epic ceiling. Vaulted, rippling, tented lovely-ness.
Wander outside, to warm air and a choice of tables. Yup that’s where I want to be.Cafe Palladio Jaipur
Placing an order for Sicilian goodies followed by gelato and coffee with these chaps.Cafe Palladio
Then rickshaw to Hot Pink, founded by the Parisian jeweler Marie-Hélène de Taillac, for spot of  shopping.Related image
This is my fantasy day after all and after a leisurely swim, change of outfits (obvs) …  back for more fun at BAR Palladio.

Bar PalladioBar Palladio
Will you join me?

bar palladio table

I got the perfect table.

Bar Palladio
 What shall we order?
Par Palladio online and instagram
AD shoot with Francois Halard.


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