A Visual Cleanse

As as the palette cleanse that New Year’s demands comes into focus, I am wondering which particular visuals from 2017 will stay with me for 2018.  Each year the mass of decorative images and insta-interiors streaming through a designer’s digital and paper feed multiplies.  This is the time to sift and clear, as I remove the sequin baubles and relinquish the holiday glitter,  so I need to clear out my mental filing system and face forward.


So what remains?

There were a few stand outs right?

For me it’s the palette cleanse that is Alyssa Kapito and the fantasy of Marie Ann Oudejans…  uptown NYC and pink-city Jaipur are poles apart geographically and aesthetically and both equally far removed English country life, they stick in my mind, both gloriously free from our interminable mud and grey skies.

Shall we just open the door quietly on Alyssa:

Contemplate the beauty of fine things in pitch perfect harmony.

Classic shapes in beautiful materials from many a 20th century master.

Jean Royère. Jean Michel Frank. Jules Lelue.

All contribute to a finely calibrated interplay of shape and form, a juxtaposition of scale and texture rendered in monochromatic  simplicity.

This is a room where every angle offers a new vignette on  its elegant theme. Bring out the high heels or softest cashmere cosies.

Breath slowly.

and enjoy the view as everything ripples around you sinuously, comforting and uplifting.

Life must be better viewed from this space?

Enjoy the visual cleanse.


All pause and then we can fly to India.



Images from Alyssa Kapito, and Mark d. Nikes.

Moodboards from ‘the girl on tv’.

India to follow once we have caught our visual breath!




2 thoughts on “A Visual Cleanse

  1. Love it and the idea of a visual cleanse, maybe force yourself to look at ten different designers / instagrams that are totally opposite to what you would normally love? Is the Jaipur section to come later – I couldn’t see it?



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