Parker and Jules

I am always intrigued by people’s creative process, what inspires them and forms their aesthetic. I like the dynamic and bounce of collaboration and how it takes you further working together – when you are truly team. Nancy Parker lives down the valley, we can walk to each other’s houses over stiles, under the beech trees and yes, past grazing llamas and through wild flower meadows. Both of us are green-souled country livers who draw deep breaths as the verdant views unfold and embrace you.IMG_1915I could circle Parker’s house from this point on my favourite walk.IMG_1985Yup Tippi has spotted it!

So Parker, Nancy to me really, has an eye for print, working with a Dalston studio creating prints for pretty much any retailer and fashion brand you can think of. She asked me about fabrics for her home, fun prints for interiors, she showed me some of her prints… we started scheming, mood boards, colour boards, secret pinterest boards alongside themes, stories and palettes started to emerge. Parker and Jules was gradually born. After each meeting Nancy quips, you know I think we have really nailed it, and we always have… there’s just quite a lot to nail.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.21.12This is us with some of our ‘blues’ colour palette in paper print outs…. here’s a small selection of final prints ‘swatched up’.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.41.55So we are nearly there now, fabric books are on order  have arrived,

parker and jules fabric booksphotoshoot completed,


press days booked and website tantalisingly close ready.

What’s it all about?

We have called the collection: Near and Far

Near: near-by, the everyday – inspiration from daily life in the valleys and the pulse of life, from fashion to exhibitions, what we see and love.

Far: far away, fairy tale, mythic lands – the power of the exotic, from folk art to the Far East and its journey into the familiar.

Near and Far. Past and Present, Fleeting and Timeless.  Like a kaleidoscope of all the things we  find beautiful, meaningful, lust after…

 Inspired by the woodland valleys we call home and the visual rhythm to the country year. The British aesthetic is intrinsically connected to nature.  Over several centuries this touchstone of ‘near’ has combined with the wonder of ‘far’- our history as a trading nation to distant lands; the exotic goods, Chinoiserie mania  and tall tales’ that have been woven into English design to create the warp and weft of near and far. The garden, the valleys and those distant shores beyond our own.  All this has given us three distinct stories

Wild Wood Jules-Parker-048Floral GardenJules-Parker-133East India Jules-Parker-096These stories have lots of patterns that play together, along with simpler textures:Jules-Parker-204Smaller scale patterns in a rainbow array of colours, like Hills above, that combine easily to help make pattern filled interiors and schemes easier to achieve.Jules-Parker-159

Take a seat in our Ordnance Survey  chair (from Wildwood), an aerial view of the valleys …hanging out with Bark (a Textures) cushion… I’m just going to add some curtains, maybe Ziggy stripe and the rooms ready?

.Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 09.44.58

So we can now see the valleys we love from a different perspective, take them into any home, Near and Far, evolving the landscape of British pattern. We’re sending our own ships (well Fedex maybe) with samples and scheming new lines…0A039C90-F28C-4FB2-89F2-FD6647EE0747and having a party – that’s what you do in the valleys!


Images: of Parker and Jules collection and Parker and Jules (us) from Anders Gramer and Kirsty Jones photography.

Images of our inspiration and party tables… from the blog and instagram.







2 thoughts on “Parker and Jules

  1. Dear Juliet , what a lovely collection : will they be retailing in Dublin? Your blogs are inspirational and so very enjoyable- a visual treat on this grey January day ! Good luck with all your endeavours and best wishes for 2018.

    • Thanks Caitriona, Best wishes for 2018 your way too. We are focusing here to start with and have the whole collection on line, so won’t be retailing in Dublin anytime soon I afraid. But we will do Decorex in September. All the Best xx J

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