Christmas List 2016

Is it really Christmas ? What 2016. I have just emerged from the 18th century…screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-16-55-05

Yes really, countless house visits and lectures later, essay in, exams finished . But oh have I feasted… visually replete and synapses still fizzing. Time to change hats /lanes/ centuries and join the real world, get with the family Christmas programme.


Still stuck…. fast forward.screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-29-33

there’s my 21st century crew…

Next year I have promised myself  (and the family) it’s going to be all ho ho ho and homemade mince pies, well at least mulled wine and carols. I love carols. 

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-16-40-06I have already visually inserted myself into this Royal Albert Hall scene…

So what’s on the list? I swear I have done the children and hubby, prepped Father Christmas and been a VERY good girl. But however I phrase it… after the 2016 we have all had the list  feels a touch indulgent, Trump makes me wonder about ‘world peace’ while the 18 th century makes me  contemplate permanence.  But Christmas is for good cheer and full glasses SO great news … rocks last forever, feed my soul and still top the list! bang on target everytime. saphire target ringUnlikely right?? Moving swiftly on. Zara brooches anyone? They are really great fun en masse.

So that’s an easy win.

The only eye candy I should be contemplating are wall lights, my bedroom still being distinctly hazardous after dark…


60’s Murano from Ed Butcher could be my star over Bethlehem any night of the year.  On that note… I don’t think this is the year for fancy fashion, it’s the classics, cream silk shirts never date, ruffles feel feminine and a touch vintage, on SALE now at Zadig and Voltaire


Maybe Santa-Baby  could pop their red cashmere rollback, just for me, under the tree. 


I would style this much more Hygge cosy… everyone would want a cuddle.screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-47-55

Including the puppy, who would not chew these sneakers, which I seriously lust after…see how quickly I get off the classics and back into FUN.


Luckily I only made it to one shop after my London exams (yes to buy a present)… otherwise the quick-fix-fashion-hit-list could have grown exponentially, copiously coveting Notting Hill’s finest. I went home.01-chateau-de-gudanesWell not quite to this Vogue beauty…but  home is home and feeds the soul … there’s alot of hype here in Blighty about  Danish ‘hygge’ . screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-35-23In essence …living well with the log fires burning, emitting homespun, handmade happiness.  The next generation of British craftsmen and artists  are totally in tune with this regenerating folk’s finest.  At Burberry’s Maker House, modern potters’ slipware was fabulously earthy and vibrant, Tinsmiths  stock an array of this most ancient of arts to fill a country dresser.

 In the absence of country dresser and living in my modern pad  Vicky Lindo’s ceramics make me fizz with joy.


I couldn’t choose, these remind me that females have lusted after porcelain and collected it en masse  since the 17th century.  After my studies this term I could seriously start collecting Chelsea porcelain in production from 1747-1769 and still  sought after today…


But as it’s strictly Christies…I am holding out for Cabbageware which has made a welcome return and covetable retro pieces are available from chic vintage stores….


The Oscar Collective. yes please.

Raphael Balme is just starting to make waves, I found her on instagram, the black hole for time-poor bloggers.

A self-proclaimed folk artist who will paint your dog/cat and yes possibly even you/me into the picture, buy hurry, galleries are calling and we might be running out of time for this Christmas. Still whatever arrives under the tree… it’s probably all best in a candlelit glow… move over the scented candle, give me a sculptural bust, modelled on 18th century figures, Cire Trudon  have been candling since the reign of Louis XIV. hello Marie Antoinette… 

But could I ever burn her?

After the New Year’s fireworks wouldn’t you like a couple of things in the diary from ‘under the Christmas tree’ after all experiences are memories that keep on giving. Even if ALL my days out would be more memorable in  THOSE fashionable sneakers or in this case RED shoes… because I would I like to see…


Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake blew London audiences away (including me).screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-17-12-07

stylish. iconoclastic. beautiful. yes please.

While back in the 18th century, where I am contemplating a chinoiserie themed dissertation, a day out at London’s grade 1 listed Syon Park listening to the history of wallpaper would open the door of knowledge a smidge further, 27 th January, Allyson McDermott…


Then I am all set to curl up with books, there’s some fabulous new releases and a couple of old friends I still hanker after…


Just in case I didn’t have enough to read? all available on amazon

And they obviously need an English cuppa in the obligatory mug to round this off in style. This year I have been collecting Emma Lacey’s strata’d earthenware from Conran… any colour would do they mellifluously flow together. So That’s it folks ‘the diamonds to mug’ round up is complete for another year.screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-17-12-02

So now there’s chutney to make, ham to glaze and STILL presents to wrap.  But the ultimate present is having your loved ones home, hale and hearty … possibly in a Christmas jumper or two. Bring on Christmas 2016… img_1986

 just let me find a dress to wear…screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-29-53

wrong century… so what… what a Christmas frock.

image credits:

All items with the supplier highlighted in the post are from that supplier.

18th century lady writing, Barry Lyndon film.

Higgle  book-  lunch and latte blog.

chateau from

Pauline Rothschild peering into chinoiserie room, Horst for Vogue.

book front covers from publishers and amazon.

this post is a bit of a blur, so please comment to be inserted.

2 thoughts on “Christmas List 2016

  1. ….I love these posts Making me laugh the skirt and jumper on u cas in the house style

    Looking good lady xxx


    Sent from my iPhone


    • I think this may have to be my present to myself under the treee at this stage! And then I could wear out for dinner with you and Danny when we finally catch up, another thing to look forward too in the new year! Have a lovely Christmas xxxxx

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