At Home: Ett Hem

Ett Hem, means at home in Swedish.  So it’s kind of an odd concept, you leave home, bags packed for …home. Interesting. I like to travel for a surprise, literally opening the book on Sweden as I sat back on the plane…Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.35.18

So that as we landed I was aware of its archipelago location  and that there might be more to it than Svenskt Tenn (whom I had dressed in honour of) and Acne (which I had not).IMG_0972

To be honest all I remembered were the glowing nature of the  reviews on Ett Hem’s 2012 opening, and Isle Crawford’s involvement which lingered tantalisingly.  Husband booked it, oh so many months ago, for the annual child-free weekend.  Relieved about that on checking in to one of only 12 rooms, but we’re getting ahead, you’ve got to find it first. Ett Hem, is discreet, in an elegant residential area filled with beautifully detailed Arts and Crafts homes, you count down the street and then suddenly there it is, gate magically opening, welcoming…

Ett Hem Paul Massey HandG 18Ett Hem Paul Massey HandGEtt Hem Paul Massey HandG 8

What makes it special? I wondered as we negotiated cases, check in and the possibility of lunch.

 Ett Hem Paul Massey HandG 12



If your used to luxury hotel being a ‘star’ based criteria: hat-doffing, restaurant topping, cocktail shaking Ett Hem rewrites the luxury rules.

Ett Hem Paul Massey HandG 19


I settled straight in.

Because when I pop my nose into the grand dame 5-star destinations, their  heritage luxury has all too often been appropriated  by a financial few who specialise in a projection of botoxed boredom. Ett Hemm’s opening and awards amount to a quiet revolution in luxury, here its passion and excellence demand an engagement off its clientele, over and above an active credit card .  There is no dedicated restaurant space, no formal dining times and no set menu.  There is a list of changing seasonal ingredients, wines by the glass to enjoy with each course, home made everything … including freshly churned butter,  your choice of eating spots  and a help yourself attitude to the bespoke bar.  All with can-do service from a team taken on ‘inspirational trips’ to keep them fresh, focused and inspired.

The list of awards Jeanette Mix’s dedication and vision in creating Ett Hem has garnered is very long, as a guest I embraced it all. What’s not to love? late Lunch in the courtyard on arrival…

Had to be followed up with dinner in the kitchen…husband photographed every morsel, of every meal (including wine labels)…

But then once we rode out on Ett Hem’s bikes I snapped every doorway, house and architectural detail.  Teamwork.IMG_1440

 surprised we got anywhere on those bikes really…

Literally fell off ‘over’  a baroque state meeting house for the nobility, crossing 4 lanes of traffic and a railway…

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 20.59.29

Appropriately this bike ride culminated in another house,  now Thielska Galleriet, the Art Nouveau mansion of the Thiel family and their art collection.


Phew … off the bike. Just intact.

I loved  the sparky daughter Tage Thiel painted by Carl Larsson.


On the recommendation of Ett Hem we then joined  Stockholmers in the ‘rose garden’ a VERY popular café housed in the glass houses and apple orchards of the nearby park.

In Ikea flat-pack fashion you all clear your plates after. I’m game.Bicycling back did the usual fantasy lifestyle house hunt…


Before the Svesnskt Tenn pilgrimage.

Why didn’t I buy the planters… been obsessing ever since. IMG_0986

We know where we had dinner, husband’s also been obsessing ever since…

Visiting Stockholm, staying at Ett Hem, was one of those trips where everything was a sensory pleasure. Leaving I was oh so grateful to be travelling home to my own home because Ett Hem reminded me that being ‘at home’ is the ultimate comfort and sanctuary where you should make your own rules and rituals and embrace evolution.


Mr and Mrs OC photos

Paul Massey, photos from House and Garden’s article ‘Home from Home‘.
















Obviously culminating in Svenskt Tenn pilgrimage

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