If you could go down to the woods today, there’s a final glorious summer-bounty surprise, if your at Ballyvolane that is. Here the hydrangeas are on the turn a rainbowed mass of inky sepia tones preceding their demise. I was there yesterday in the  dappled Autumn sunlight  … and they are powerfully beautifully,  I walked through them, amongst them, peered into them and just wanted to freeze time, they are however unforgettable.



IMG_7385IMG_7393IMG_7398 IMG_7399

Dizzying almost, it was a perfect moment in time and nature.IMG_7383

IMG_7423 IMG_7286

Decoratively, I could feast on these hydrangea tones alone… aqua to smudged lilac, copper greens to blackberry, vivid blues to softest cream and paper blush.
IMG_1081 IMG_1067




IMG_1068Have you ever seen the like of it…


 I will always see them in mind’s eye, as they were yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Blooms

  1. ….the colours are amazing alright. No need to look any further for nice combos for around the house .

    Mini break in ballyvolane?



    • Magic mini break at Ballyvolane, I don’t think the kids will ever forget it and as you saw above me either… For different reasons, hydrangea obsessed after that. Can’t believe people get married right there, in the midst of all that blooming gorgeousness ! Xx

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