Playing Hooky

There’s nothing quite like playing hooky? right, especially when it’s with your business partner in the name of ‘Research’, actually maybe we should call ours ‘R and R’ days (Retail gets a look in).


 Just a little excited.

So we went to London to the Decorative Fair, this promotes itself as the Antiques fair for ‘Decorators seeking unusual antiques and statement pieces for interior design’. 

photo 3-4

 really you never know what you’ll find…

photo 4-4The more ‘decorative’ dealers put together fantastically evocative lifestyle stands, CHATEAU ready  for West London, the Home Counties and beyond.

chateauAnyway I always see a myriad of things I like, it’s inspiring.

This time there’s a couple of pieces coming my way, can you guess? I will share the photos once they are in situ Dublin.  Getting excited.

Next stop V and A, fashion ready glamour pusses that we are…(when playing hooky)


Well Laura anyway.

Underneath the travertine entrance, legendary dresses ahead, the lure of luxe-Italian fashion and film-star glamour reel me in … just as it did those post-war buyers in Italy where fashion shows in crumbling aristo  palazzos and  evening cocktails smoothed the buyers’ path.


It’s a beautiful exhibition: Slim Aarons meets la Dolce Vita, the Swans glide by, and Valen-Sace takes a bow.  As always it’s timeless beauty and craftsmanship that really resonate.

photo 1-3

a degradé 50’s gown from blush to scarlet, with scrolling lace work…opening booth.

vanda room 1

photo 5-2

She shall go to the ball…
photo 4-3

photo 1-9

and you could even come home in style… I swooned over this now, when it’s springtime, and I don’t do red.

photo 3-3I felt a stab of optimism for the future and pride in the present when the final room, dedicated to current designers was as exquisitely beautiful as the start, with Valentino’s Haute Couture centre stage.

VandA final room

It was such a treat to see this piece close up, 

photo 4-9

photo 3-9

Afterwards I had to take Laura to the café, this is my favourite room in London, it’s extraordinary, completely tiled fantasia.  The restoration cleverly let’s OTT sing with OTT creating a visual feast, so I always look up!

photo 5-8

which the V and A encourages you do from arrival, they understand the power of statement lighting:

photo 2-7

Bravo Muranophoto 3-7

Quick dash to J. Crew, girls got to see what Jenna can do, it’s FUN.  I love the stores’ interiors and Laura’s eyes on the merchandising… oh and the bling!



loved the lighting here too:

J.Crew Brompton Cross Store, London, November 7, 2013 Daniella Zalcman

Hicks greets Sputnik.

J.Crew Brompton Cross Store, London, November 7, 2013Daniella ZalcmanLaura loitered with intent by the jewels, I did a smash and run upstairs.

We said good bye and  I snuck in a night out with the Irish husband, always fun, cabaret in Shepherds Bush – who’d put the two together?

photo 5

Needed to inhale fresh flowers and main-line cappuccino to get the juices 4-2

Ran through Fulham Road shops, Birgit Israels’s copper and green scene was beautiful:

photo 3-2

stuck too accessories though:

photo 2-2

loitered with intent at Julian Chichester:photo 5-1Interiors wise I could tune into a guitar shaped mirror

photo 1-8

paw feet and pineapples (as we know)

photo 3-8

always have to drop into the colourful world of Jonathon Adler, loved his new owls. Contemplated chic darts…

photo 2-8which would look v good in J Crew.

Home now and waiting for the spoils to arrive, meanwhile I think I am going to put my feet up on the new sofa (which has arrived)

photo-5 copy

and watch Sophia weave her magic spell:

photo 2

With the other partner, aka the Irish husband.

photos by me except  some from V and A which were collected online, please click into them to see origin.

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