Somewhere over the Rainbow: New York

New York is such a feast of excess : the heady heights that arch you back, the blistering array of architectural styles from luscious ornamentation to streamlined slick, those film-set streets that seem to disappear over the horizon, the shops on shops on shops and the restaurants that create new levels of expectation… whatever your interest New York requires you strap in, enjoy the ride, go with sensory overload. I spent the the whole trip seeing movie moments and humming big-theme songs: If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere on loop, with somewhere over the rainbow, way up high…close behind.  In 3 days you can take in lot of sights, or if your me COLOURS.

did you feel the orange glow, I did, then it went pink and blue: shades of aqua to azure and neon to blush.

But New York wouldn’t be New York without it’s yellow taxis and energising RED.

Being a country girl at heart I always look for soothing shades of green

Being New York though there are constant reminders of its industrial past, raw materials, chic textures and beautiful details in a natural palette as a chic modern backdrop.

All photos by me, each selection can be viewed as a slide show as well.   We stayed at the Crosby Street Hotel which meant the visual feast was complete.

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