Kate, Naomi, Cindy, Edie and now LENA.

I have been playing a little  VOGUE video to all my girlfriends featuring the ‘Girls’ creator and star Lena Dunham, it fizzes with vintage charm and makes me want to ‘Shalom out’… what is she on about, I hear you say, well check it out:

I am learning all the moves, I know, I know.

But on a more decorative note, I do peer in at the very vogue interior, lashing of florals in vivid colours (no grey on greige here), girlie iron bed stead and to jazz it all into a boho-beat: leopard print carpet. If I was 20-something I would definitely fantasise this scheme into my place.



Vintage floral wall paper: Second Hand Rose  but you could also check out Adelphi Paper Hangings, I love their uber hand-blocked designs.

Bed Linen in a riot of Florals, well Vogue used Porthault, and it doesn’t get better than that. My crisp white sheets are suddenly rather unappealing. Zara  Home could also rustle up a couple of options.

Leopard print carpet à la Madelaine Castaing from ABC Carpet and Home will hide a multitude of spills and sins.

Put it all together casually, with high heels ‘resting’, books piled high,  a chic brass lamp and you got yourself a girlie-vogue boudoir Hamish (editor at large)  and Cecil (Mr Beaton) would approve of.

hamish bowles nyc vogue living

Hamish’s entrance  and sitting room- see, he’d definitely love it.

Hamish Bowles Paris

Anyway I’m off to practise my ‘Twiggy-improv’ and dream of Porthault bedlinen, xox Juliet, Decorator at Large.

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