New Year

New thoughts? I could dwell on the lorry the wrong side of the road, the personal wreckage left in its wake, the corrosive power of worry and  heartache for those you love,  or I could remind myself we were all here this Christmas, albeit a bit muted.


A little Elf mischief helped things HO HO HO along.

IMG_6150But there was a big hole, and we all felt my mother’s bed-bound absence.

So yes, she’s getting better, but it’s a long  journey ahead.  Between hospital visits and fledging Magpie there has been no time for ADA (a decorative affair), what I realised is that I can’t write without some space for inspiration, that’s the thing about blogging it’s a brilliant creative indulgence to explore things and refine your aesthetic, so New Year, New Thoughts ahead.

Because I have been recharged, those pineapples always make me smile at Roundhill, Jaimaca, and we made it back … virtually crawling off the plane.


And there’s nothing quite like that unbelievable first morning when you wake up to the tropical light and caribbean vista, albeit at 5 am, but whose counting?


Because your there! What I really love about our trip is reconnecting with a group of people, a window into a myriad of other lives and families who make this an annual visit.  There’s a camaraderie at the bar, on the beach and quite a lot of fun times:


Happy New Year.  (photo credit: Oscar age 4)

There’s nothing like a game for crossing cultural boundaries, age groups and uniting you in laughter (and possibly competitive spirit). I don’t know what your plans are this New Year, I am still making mine, but maybe we should all include a few more old fashioned games in our down time? sounds like a nice ‘resolution’ for me.

Not sure where to start? may I recommend:



Lara encourages a few drinks before beginning, but tea and cake could be just as nice.

Then you need 2 teams: minimum 3 and max 6-ish. A dividing line is a good way to go, rather than  (‘bag’s Lara on my team)

explain the rule: NO proper nouns, that’s nouns with a capital letter, so if it’s Big Ben,  you might say: a famous clock in a capital city with red buses, NOT, the famous clock in London.

The aim: describe the name pulled out the pot for your team mates to guess, see how many you can do in 60 seconds, a point per name.

you will need:

  •  a large pot (to put ‘names’ into)  and a spare for ‘names’ completed.
  • pens and paper
  • a scrupulously fair person to keep the score (sometimes difficult to come by)
  • a time-keeper with a stop watch on their phone (sober if possible)

Each person writes down ‘names’ this could be: a drink, plant, animal, film, famous person, festival, etc. In the pot they go…Ours included: pina colada (obviously), pineapple(naturally) , palm tree ( ok. I won’t rub it in any more)  you could have: Burning Man, Jilly Cooper, Atlantis, Rihanna, the Great Gatsby etc.  Got it?  Obviously culturally minded can go hi-brow.

LET the game begin….

Round 1

Each team takes turns. Player 1, stands up and has 60 seconds to run through as many ‘names’  as possible ( ‘pass’ if your stumped on one), REMEMBER no proper nouns or you are out for that round. Pressure’s on.

You make the way through the pot, taking turns, used ‘names’ are kept in separate pot.  Once each player has performed your onto…

Round 2

Now were you listening? Did you check out what ‘names’  the other team got? pressures on… some of you may keel over at this point.


If not, your next challenge is is to describe each name out of the pot using 3 words only: eg. clock – capital –  city.

  • Same 60 second time-frame
  •  NO proper nouns

Round 3

Get another drink, or slice of cake and repeat, but now you can only MIME the names, so in rounds 1 and 2 you might have wanted to think ahead and have come up with an accompanying action: clock hands going round anyone?  Some of our team required 2 drinks at this point.


But honestly I think you’ll be amazed at what you remember!

Games, crafts, home cooking, casual entertaining – they’re all making a come back and of course the person you really want on your team, who can out-craft the best of them and whose Christmas dinner can’t be bettered, well that’s my mother.  Oh that and she love’s a party, so watch out for when my Mum’s back on form, I can’t wait to hear her plans.  New Year – New Thoughts.


All photos taken by me.

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