Magpie has Landed

So you may have noticed I have been a bit quiet lately, that’s because I have been turning into shop girl, auction trawler, shop decorator and ‘sourcing’ traveller.  We finally opened the door this weekend…

IMG_6010and what a door…

distressed paintwork door

Just waiting for it’s numbers to be found, 1-1-9.

So the shop is ‘Magpie‘…. those birds always on the lookout, collectors, hoarders even, with a radar alert for all the glitters, shines and makes a nest tantalising. Remember how they always took the cream-top off the milk, when it came delivered in bottles with silver foil caps? they carefully identified creamy-silver-tops versus low-fat-green! someone reminded me of that one, a childhood memory re-discovered.

shop front

I love our birds on their branch with a ‘faceted’ colour palette and the ‘monogram ‘ magpies below, the exterior colour is Farrow and Ball, Pigeon in high gloss.


You can peer in, but best to have a good look around.

shop magpie

The front section of the shop is Mole’s Breath F and B, the rugs are hand knotted wool and cotton and we can source them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours.Magpie entranceI am rather partial to the Cocteau style floating tables, (2 sizes, 5 colours…) getting the picture…it’s all for sale.  As for the girlie fashion stuff, it is, of course flying out, all those Dublin magpies snapping up diamanté pom poms and necklaces.


We’ve got a tableful of table-top-candy out the front, I love these  Swedish candlesticks.  The maps and prints in marbleised covers are one of our ‘artisan’ producers. I want  us to have some craft suppliers, people who make ‘one thing’ with passion.

maps in marbleised papers

Then of course we have our dresser looking for a cosy home and meanwhile home to cards and chic storage.


I snuck in some ‘Cloud’ fabric on a pair of very comfy chairs, fabric collection available.



IMG_6034I rather like where the wall changes from Mole’s Breath to Purbeck Stone.

I just stepped away from my coffee, but can currently be found back manning the shop counter.

This is a shop where it’s all in the details, it’s a space you walk round a couple of times and then swoop down on various bits you fancy.  My partner is ‘fashion’ so she probably sees completely different details to me, but we definitely share an aesthetic.

I am glad we are finally open,  it was 7 weeks from ‘handshake’ to doors open, BUSY.  The run up to Christmas is its own trading period and afterwards we will run events, talks and crafts alongside the retail.

First things first though. I left the shop Saturday, after our first day trading, and walked down our knotted ‘red carpet’…

IMG_5981and felt very lucky to come home to my girl, her cake and a raised glass from the Irish hubby.


The count down to Christmas is on.

Shop photos and decor by me.

4 thoughts on “Magpie has Landed

  1. ….mouth went dry when I looked at the clouded chair with the gold and peachy cushion. That’s just saying the obvious as it’s all so so beautiful. Love that it’s v true to how you would style a space as in , it feels lovely from the pics.

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