Gloria’s Swansong

swan headed paper gloria vanderbilt

What’s not to love? a freshly sketched bouquet of flowers,  the crisp graphic flow, an exuberant message – oh and of course that it’s from Gloria Vanderbilt.

Gloria, one of Truman Capote’s original ‘swans’, the great society beauties of 60’s Manhattan that he loved, lost and described thus…

Authentic swans are almost never women that nature and the world has deprived. God gave them good bones; some lesser personage, a father, a husband, blessed them with that best of beauty emollients, a splendid bank account.’ However, he confirmed, a swan’s grace could not simply be explained by cash.  ‘It may be that the enduring swan glides upon waters of liquefied lucre, but that cannot account for the creature herself – her talent, like all talent, is composed of unpurchasable substances.’

Her Swan emblem, suddenly seems more than a little tongue in cheek?

Want to see more of legendary Swan  Gloria…. or Swans as a decorative motif.

For the story behind the letter,  see ‘A Visual Life‘, by Charlotte Moss.

21st Century P.S.

Gloria made her own fortune(s) as well as inheriting one.

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