In Wood We trust

Well I do. I love it’s primordial soup connection, the dinosaurs and beyond.  In my mind trees are guardians of the earth sprinkled with ancient stardust, Tolkein’s Treebeard meets Blighton’s Enchanted Wood.


A feeling reinforced by living beside a wood, where their massed presence  surprised me, how? well:

The green glow that falls over you on hot summers days, instantly refreshing.

The layered silence as you penetrate the deeper layers.

The air which seems photosynthesis rich.

The seasons unerring daily progress  bud by bud, leaf by leaf.

The evening dusk which is still unnerving despite technology and dog at heels.

wood sunset

Wood makes you feel connected to the land and the seasons inside the house.  It tugs something deep inside, our primitive reliance on it, from man-make-fire to man-build-hut.  When we build our new house, I want lots of  this ancient material: knotted, knarled, rooted, branching out, rough hewn, twiggy – in all its glory.

Seth Stein entranceSeth Stein’s chunky pared back entrance, complete with dove-tailed joints and floating bench, sets the tone.

Vogue Loving Wood based

Kit Kemp brings a rural idyll to Soho NYC, with dog primed for your return ‘home’. I love how the essence of the tree’s form is integrated into the bench.


Deep in the country this rustic platform feels very inviting and connected to its environment


I could definitely read the papers here.

IMG_4280Feels a little too much? Vogue Living charms with a magnolia inspired wooden scheme on the porch.

IMG_4287Or just stick to the chandelier, organic feasting surely gets pepped up by organic lighting.

IMG_4278Which brings me to Elle Decor which really kick started my whole obsession, twig chandelier over root table: completely fizzed up by a vibrant decor.  Someone broke out and painted their kitchen coral, LOVE it. Instant happiness.


Or adding interest in a more restrained display of good taste, either way a twig chandalier is calling to me.


Back down in the roots, their sculptural presence is compelling.


He thinks so too.IMG_4272

And polished up they almost glow. Very chic with the modern pannlling behind.IMG_4273

You can go petrified where the wood has basically fossilised over thousand of years and can be polished up to jewel like petrified

Yes really:

#4577 pet wood -2

Feels too much, a little ‘faux bois’ table goes a long way:

pin global views faux bois table

But it’s ‘real wood’ that gets me, I like it rough and ready in walls, units and doors:


rustic cosy.

pin tumbler

I think we’d better call this one ‘hewn-luxe’.


definitely country charm.IMG_4195

Or maybe as Axel Vervoordt’s son in Belgium, chunky doors with amplified chisel marks: honest chic.

Now we’re there, what about the ‘antiques priestess’, a supremely elegant Rose Uniacke where architectural heritage ‘perfection’ is grounded by… ‘raw wood’.

Rose Uniacke

Or at the other end of the spectrum, take a modern designer who specialies in unloved, left over wood.

pin piet van eekPiet Hein Eek’s ‘waste scrapwood table’ is iconic at this stage.

Want it a little more homemade, Silver Birch is your man:

pin tumblr wood

kitchen table, feels possible for DIY guru.

pin silver birch

or a console with multiple legs for added ‘copse’ effect.IMG_4288

childrens’ beds work for me

Or go the whole ‘wood’ and create a fantasy bedroom, chinoiserie meets silver birch –  what’s not to love.

Pelmet zig zag

For our rustic woodland setting, I am enticing my daughter with twig bed tear sheets, but maybe it’s a fairy tale for grown ups.


One thing’s for sure.

pin wood cutting

 I just need to get me some wood.

Images from Elle Decor USA, Vogue Living Australia, House and Home and Pinterest.

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