The Food of Love

I read the other day that sharing meals, the act of eating together releases the hormone oxytocin. For thousands of years families, lovers and communities have bonded over sharing food, from the Sunday roast to the Harvest Festival and the Wedding Feast.


recent Missoni nuptials: a heels off  feel good factor.

I love the ample ceremony of it, the feeling of ancient  rites weaving their way down through the generations as we tear the bread and pass the butter wine.  Food is something that can be transformed from fuel into the sublime, etched into our memories.

So ‘sharing the love’ from BC to New Age, via rural idylls, cosy fireside and urban trough.  Let’s eat.

IMG_4226well maybe let’s start with an aperitif…

after that there’s the table

derian1I might consider changing my name to Mary to dine with John Derian


during these summer evenings, fresh and vibrant feels good, in fact, think I might have to get that tiered-wotsit –  for sharing, sharing, sharing.


white-table-setting-country-living1wood feels good

pinterest wedding table

lots of it, feels even better (thank you Pinterest)IMG_4249

Indoors,  ancient polished farm house tables whisper of carved ham and orchard apples…


or maybe  artichokes? Shared… the thrill of reaching the heart, the glorious mess, the finger licking.

I have never attempted oysters, but I should:

pinterest oysteror maybe  just slice and share the view


the point is an idyllic setting, an inviting table, raises the spirits even before you take your seat.


I would suffice with talking to my neighbour here.

Feast Elle Decor

walk through that arch.IMG_4258

make daisy chains…


join the cricket team, IMG_4256

oh I can’t join Reg and the boys, alright MAKE the tea.  To be at the table.

At home, I must admit I love that twilight moment before guests arrive, when the work is done, and you lay the table.


 whatever you choose


vintage charm


or pared back simplicity


be it  breakfast



or a candlelit feast (complete)


I will invite  friends, make time for loved ones (if only Vogue Living did catering)mrcookmain1

And relax, because that’s the thing, it should feel effortless and son no. 1 looks happy enough


and I like the idea that as the plate is finished, the love is spread.


Invites in the post.

Images from William Yeoward’s  perfectly  Perfect Tables, Pinterest, Vogue Living  and Your All Invited  by Margot Henderson.

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