Bar Talk

Fancy a beer?

Shall we open a bottle?

Oh just a glass…

Oooh Champagne!

ChampagneCocktail apartment therapy

or champagne cocktail in this case

However you arrive at the big reveal, having a bar at home is pretty slick – and they used to be pretty naff.  Remember? endless trophy pictures of the man of the house and bar stools you might slide off.  These  days inspiration for the home bar comes less from the local pub and more from the glamorous associations of the luxury hotel, 20’s cocktails and/or Mad Men: Eras of Elegance.  Well I love a drinks table, they convey conviviality – Miles Redd’s in particular (as we know), but a bar, hmm.  While I don’t fancy a ‘bar’ (complete with stools) a drinks cabinet which opens up to reveal a surprise inside, I could deffinitely do.  The mid century ones are my favourites:

ico parisi bar

This one is currently on 1st Dibs a multi faceted sphere designed by Ico Parisi

ico parisi bar interior

You’d be keeping good company an identical one was sold as part of the Bill Blass collection at Sothebys in 2003. Also a sphere adds another dimension to an interior, breaking up all those straight lines and right angles.

I nearly bought this one before Christmas, 1930’s Paolo Buffa, but felt it might be a little O.T.T. chez Cotswolds…

Gallery 25 bar

Of course it’s always the one that got away that stays with you, I fell in love with an ebony one, where the glass was etched with cocktail motifs and inside fish swam playfully, I wish I had got it…

IMG_2494.JPG IMG_2495


Apologies as I wasn’t really photographing with this in mind at the time, but you get the picture – It was good.

But with country life beckoning I have changed my aesthetic to something a tad rougher, more elemental:

bar ballIt really looks like it’s landed right?

bar open

The reveal.  Courtesy of  Restoration Hardware.

So where was I…

Fancy a beer?

Shall we open a bottle?

Oh just a glass… go on then.

Image credits from 1st Dibs,  me and Restoration Hardware you know the one’s who only deliver Stateside, back to the drawing board.

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