Spring Treat

It finally arrived, you know… SPRING.  So late that nature made up for itself in Ireland bursting forth all at once.

It’s been most distracting, I keep on encouraging the children to roll in the grass, you know, get down and  really roll, because it’s emerald green and  covered in daisies.  This is obviously followed by afternoon tea, in this case Moroccan Mint and my new spring treat, chocolate snaps.


I saw these on a TV show a while back,  scattered with pink peppercorns,  sugared rose petals and other mouth watering ingredients, they showed them snazzily wrapped in grease proof paper with grosgrain ribbon for gifting – but who can resist eating:


The recipe arrived properly (you know on printed matter, ready to go) via a Sunday Paper insert from Hugh whatsit-something.   He also suggests them as gifts but after we had scattered poppy seeds, cranberries, coconut and waited for the allotted (are they ready time) they were, you know, all gone. Spring treat. Highly recommended.


Spring images from Mount Usher Gardens.

Recipe in the link above, but really it is this easy… melt 200 gm Lindt-type chocolate, spread over parchment paper, scatter the dark with coconut and apricot or the white with poppy seeds and cranberries. Refrigerate and wait.

Possibly aided by random tea pot purchase .

So no worries then – this is not turning into a cooking column, Haslam next and his fantastic Folly ….

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