String Again

I am most distracted looking through piles of ‘tear outs’ from old files for  the new ‘country house’.  Spring has not not sprung in the Emerald isle and it’s that kind of week.  What it has brought home to me (some of these pages are beyond old, I’m talking 20th century) is that my taste doesn’t really change it just extends and deepens into my pre-existing channels of interest –  take ‘String’  – I found a French AD article I have kept forever featuring Christian Astugeveille, of last Spring’s ‘String‘ story.

The frustrating thing is the central pages of the article are missing (maybe yet to be unearthed) and it is in French, Zut Alors, I keep missing  the sense of vital ‘cerebral’ sections, but here he is:


With ‘2 textile totems from an imaginary civilisation’.   AD  writes, c’est sont monde interieur et l’inepusiable richesse d’impressions, de signes mystérieux qui peuplent cet univers. Get it? I know, it sounds SO good though. Of course he lives surrounded by his creations in corded-chic:



IMG_3512This morceau looks so good …wish was it bigger.

Hopefully having found String, Spring might finally arrive.

Images from an unknown French AD, in the box.

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