What’s in a Name?

There was a flash of Redd at the bar, a laughing man, in a uniform mass of white tie …a red dinner jacket. It was Miles Redd, looking, surprise -surprise, stand out chic.


What FUN to have a name that you can really make your own visual motif especially as a decorator, and red to boot. Juliet Pink, Jules Noir, Juliet Green (please let’s make it Emerald) Jules Diamond –  well I can but dream, Miles has made his a reality, as he says: it’s about  dreams coming true… and in true 21st Century ‘hero style’ he was his own fairy god-mother.


Miles Redd seriously suits his name: his interiors carve out a visual feast redolent with all the energy and passion ‘Redd’ implies.  I didn’t wait for Christmas to get  ‘The Big Book of Chic’, which was lucky as it was all sold out.  It’s a treat: luscious, vivid, glamorous, oh and of course, entirely chic.  After a personal intro, it is entirely excerpts (in red) from  all my favourite books: Mitford, Waugh, Gatsby etc and quotes from the super-stylish (Beaton, Bowie, Bailey) amidst lashings of sumptuous Redd interiors – escapism on a red velvet banquette.

I am intrigued by the formative inspiration, childhood, and Miles recalls a Cecil Beaton book ‘The Royal Portraits’, pored over endlessly, dreaming of ‘the great big glittering world‘ and ‘red damask banquettes’. I must get it… for the children (helicopter how you will).


Then of course real life begins, in Miles case at Parsons School of Design where ‘I wasn’t exactly green. I was chartreuse‘. Love him.  He found his  feet and has succeeded, of course Miles’ palette is extensive, but for this post I am celebrating Redd:


Yep, you heard right, RED.

Lashings of red…IMG_3272


Curio Red


Vibrating red…IMG_3255


Accent of redIMG_3277

IMG_3271 IMG_3270



My Favourite ReddIMG_3278

Trompe l’oeil RedIMG_3279

The luxury that is Redd…


All of which makes me think, where’s the RED? Forget paint the town these days, I need to paint the house … RED.

All images from the ‘Big Book of Chic‘.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

    • thank you, thank you, thank you. I was late again for school the other day and it’s always the same reason, I open up a new Little Augury post received via email overnight… read it, follow any links, ponder it and then… ‘OMG’ is that the time, but I can never resist. I love being drawn into PGT’s world. thank you.

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