Alpine Chic

I got distracted:

Slim AaronsIt arrived today: I thought it would be the endless pools…but my eyes were drawn to the  Alpine chic sections.


Sorry, couldn’t resist….even Rufus can’t make Leiderhosen work for me:

rufus_press07Anyway, Slim really does know how the other half live  and 50 years or 30 years on it still looks fabulous: from super chic to super geek, they are all part of a gilded set.  It’s insider snap-shots of the supers at play.

Would you love to be here:

Slim Aarons ski chicI would, which outfit ? Oooh the  colour –   such a revelation in our era of monochrome-Moncler good taste.  My eye is drawn to the lady in blue at the back of the shot, super chic, by the helicopter. I wonder if the ageing Italian industrialist to the far right (eye balling Aarons) owns it?

slim aarons skiing

It looks very carefree and relaxed at the top of those slopes, I get the feeling Sim was a spring skier (much better people watching) – So am I Slim!


Who wouldn’t stop for a drink at this ad-hoc bar  on the way down?

IMG_3204Of course, some things never change, who hasn’t met  the ski-instructor who totally fancies himself,  (me – usually just after I’ve face-planted off piste and they hoist you up causally).

But on a more stylish note:

IMG_3202 Doesn’t she look charming? silk scarf, casual chignon, and so cute in fair isle? its kind of a shame we’re so ‘tech-clothed’ these days. I love ‘Nan Kempner’ fresh faced and boundless:


Meanwhile back down at the porch,  I might draw the line at plaid:

IMG_3210even though she wears it well,  my granny had EXACTLY that hair.

as for a skirt, UP THE MOUNTAIN…she sure looks confident though and I love the leopard trim.


Personally I tend to fit in a bit more:


Which is the problem with our generation, endless cars in metallic shades of silver, blue  and anthracite.  The slopes are a rather similar, methinks.  I’ll get my camera out when I’m there and we’ll see if I’m right, on my reckoning I should fit right in – in shiny navy blue, so English.

All of this has been very distracting.  When I am supposed to working on ‘HOME’, what makes ‘a home’, that is.  However the day is not lost, all this reminded me of  Marc Newson and Charlotte Stockdale’s home as featured in:


Why? because Marc (who has designed the inside of space rockets) cited Alpine chalets as a primary influence on his interior choices.


To quote directly: ‘Lofts are large and cold. we wanted to preserve the a sense of volume but at the same time create an atmosphere and warmth, which is quite difficult to achieve in a large space. That’s the thing about chalets they are naturally cosy’.

Hence the double height wall of rounded river stone.



Of course Newson didn’t look to any-old chalet, no, he referenced North by North West,  the iconic chalet which never actually existed apart from on-set.  Anyway I  think that any of the celluloid lovelies captured by Slim Aarons would be very at home, either on set chez Hitchcock, or on the Svenskt Tenn sofa chez Newson, and what could be more chic than that.

All images from books quoted above,  except for North by NorthWest, from ‘Daily Icon‘ and Rufus Wainwright from his Press images.

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