Home Designs

To embark on this journey through uncharted territory I need a vision to inspire me.  I always thought I would fall in love with an old house, instead I fell in love with a beech woood, a wild flower meadow … Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

There was a flash of Redd at the bar, a laughing man, in a uniform mass of white tie …a red dinner jacket. It was Miles Redd, looking, surprise -surprise, stand out chic. What FUN to have a name that … Continue reading

The Way Home

It’s a great title and it’s Jeffrey Bilhuber’s, the subtitle reads ‘Reflections on American beauty’. This side of the Atlantic Ben Pentreath’s offers up ‘English Decoration’, subtitle ‘Timeless Inspiration for the Contemporary Home’, which rather belies the personal tone of … Continue reading

Alpine Chic

I got distracted: It arrived today: I thought it would be the endless pools…but my eyes were drawn to the  Alpine chic sections. Sorry, couldn’t resist….even Rufus can’t make Leiderhosen work for me: Anyway, Slim really does know how the … Continue reading