Royère Chic

It feels infinite –  this time of year in the Nothern hemisphere, the cold and grey are relentless. Now is the season to hunker down and cosy up – hhmmm .  The fireplace takes on a whole new meaning, after all the only cheering thing about Jan and Feb is lighting the fire, right? oh and maybe cake.

So on that note, I would like this:


In real life it is obviously super straight reflecting the geometric purity of its design  ie. photo apologies, IT should be:


La Forge Francaise  has this fire guard ‘inspired by’ French designer Jean Royère, 1902-1984. This diamond ‘croisillon’ design in blackened  metal with gilt balls is a signature motif and very elegant, non?

Jean Royère  (1902-1984) was a well known designer with a very personal vision. I read chez Gallerie MagenConsidering ornamentation ephemeral and subject to the winds of fashion Royere concetrated on shape and volume; making pieces in fabric, metal and wood which carved space or filled the air with their strong forms and lines. 

Key pieces include:

‘Boule’ sofa and chairs and ‘Oeuf ‘chairs, these sumptuous statement pieces are serious collectors items: Christies has the ‘Boule’ sofa designed 1947 selling for $290,500.

jean Royere

The ‘boule’ sofa and ‘Ouef ‘chair in a Jean Royere set-piece, via Les Arts Decoratifs.

‘Tour Eiffel’ lamps, in that Croisillon motif.


Corbeille Chandalier and Lamps

jean royere 1

He designed the chandalier above as wall sconces too, naturally called ‘demi-corbeille’.

Royère has inspired designers ever since, the wall lights below are described ‘in the manner of’ and once you’ve indentified his style many pieces suddenly  seem to owe a creative-debt to Royère.
jean royere 2

All giving one something to mull over staring into the fire in the depths of January, possibly with with Royère in hand (via Amazon):

book amazon

But we I need this time to contemplate and plan the year ahead, I haven’t really embraced the resolution-zone, but did feel inspired over morning coffee-fix:


Not sure if I could get away with this as the sum total of 2013 ? working at it though – those bin-end  sales are distracting, you too right? My purchases  are  still distinctly inspired by Paradise:

I managed  (just) to leave the palm tree lamp behind:

palm tree lamp

But the Striped skirt and pineapple belt, HAD to come home.  I also collected my charm necklace, to which I have added the ‘hand-cuffed’ charm (love and marriage –  make it sparkle) and the-cutest-egg.


Best foot forward so – as I put them up – and contemplate the forging fire of 2013.

2 thoughts on “Royère Chic

  1. I have a little Hoss belt with pineapples I had to get for you last week in London, on way to Battersea decorative. I was about to send it, now I see I’m too slow!!! Love your enchanting posts. Super inspiring on these grey days……

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