Deck the Halls…

How do you decorate for Christmas? I have decided it’s a version of:


something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  yes – the wedding custom.

Well Christmas is all about making your own customs and wrapped up in the rhyme is an answer for christmas too.

Something Old: on 2 levels, it’s nice to take forward Christmas traditions or decorative elements from your childhood,  and it’s comforting to unpack old friends at Christmas time (and oh so convenient – the ‘here’s one I made earlier ‘ vibe).


for example – Christmas bunting from a few years ago never fails to emit Christmas cheer, especially with lashings of pom-pom trim.

Something New: well it always a thrill isn’t it?  This is the first time we have hosted Christmas so it’s  ‘lots of new‘ …including an adult tree (a.k.a. one for me!) – I had been pining for ‘white on green’ in a snow-dashed, star-struck kind of way, now it’s here:


Something Borrowed: Really, things the children make, they love getting involved  (gotta keep them busy) and it’s their home too.  We spent November making and December decorating: from snowmen, to snowflakes, to glitter-thick pine cones and table name settings.    They want to see their sticky-fingered effort on the walls (or windows) it feels right.


Snowflakes virtually eviscerated by glitter!

Something Blue: Pick your themes and stick to them!  look at the colours in the room and your architecture, think about what you have got in the Christmas box and then rip out a few tear sheets from December issues – then get real.  This year I was inspired by ribbons galore, vintage decorations, silver birch, pine comes and those x-large honeycomb decorations that have been making a come back.

Like most things: Decide  on it and stick with it.

Finally – Christmas at home should look homey, not perfect, but kind of cherished.

So how has is worked out? do you want to come in? look up the steps…


Peer in the windows


knock on the door:


come on in..and


watch out for the mistletoe, kiss-kiss!


Fancy a glass? well you know, the champagne’s chilled at Christmas:


The owl is at home, very fond of him already.


Take a glass, spin under the chandalier…


and there’s that Christmas tree…IMG_2272

Come into the sitting room, awaiting final greenery…


Take a seat, settle down, look around.

fireplace as focal point

fireplace as focal point

mirror it the opposite end of the room

mirror it the opposite end of the room

The green, gold and white continues, now we’ve added in deep blue, silver birch and narnia!

Through the double doors and into the dining room, before Christmas this was a dumping ground and there’s only so much that can be done in rented  houses, but as were hosting… better get the ladder out! get on ebay and track down a dinner service and generally get it together!


So basically awaiting final table setting, lashings of greeenery  and of course that damn turkey.

Finally  downstairs…  Where trad-rules via the Nutcracker.


Where a tree is waiting, waiting for Granny and Gramps to arrive:


So Christmas can begin, we can all have one those glasses of champagne and finish ‘decking the halls’ with the last cracker-box of Christmas cheer.


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