Children’s Christmas Scene


I had a 70’s childhood, you know the one where ‘prawn snacks’ fizzing on heinz tomato soup was A-OK.   The cultural highlight of this was my American neighbours where everything seemed ‘Kodak Super 8’: the American fridge freezer, enormous choc-chic cookies (pre-Ottolenghi), ‘Lucky Charms’ marshmallow cereal (pre-Harvey Nichols food hall) and a TV permanently humming.

Christmas here was obviously thrilling and I spent alot time with scissors and glue getting steiner round the table.  My favourite memory is cotton wool snow men: if you want a ‘Christmas craft’ that a wide age range can happily do togther (rare) – mine are 3 and 6, Go-retro.

So in true Blue Peter* style, “here’s one we made earlier“.


You Will Need:

cardboard inner from loo roll and  maybe a kitchen roll if you want a ‘big boy’.

copydex/PVA glue

cotton wool on a roll or in a pleat

polystyrene balls for head

pom-poms or whatever you fancy for eyes/nose/buttons

ribbon for scarf

felt for hat plus needle and thread (granny/mummy makes these)

So basically the kiddies slurp glue all over the loo roll, dependant on age you help them roll cotton wool around it and repeat with head,  here you need strips and ‘blend edges’. Glue both together.

glue on relevant bits and make hat as you see fit.

While your at it, make a few…


Leave them to be played with for a couple of days to lose their appeal! Then appropriate them.  I got polystyrene board and wrapped cotton wool around this, pinned the snow men on (to stops cats trashing them) and scattered glitter as desired.  Add red christmas lights to give the ‘super-8’ glow to the 70’s ensemble:  arrange with kiddie-crafted snowflakes on the windows and a Santa’s letter.  Some of us do Nativity scenes…. some of us go 70’s-retro.


Images from home and *Blue Peter is a children’s TV show with endless crafts projects I could never get together, each one introduced with the immortal line ‘here’s one we made earlier‘.

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