Christmas List

Christmas is gliding into view, yeah!

I’ve got a lot of lists on the go, but the one I enjoy most is a sideline self indulgence, the ME list. My mother memorably made a ‘Present List’ every year, armed with which my Father and I would set forth annually to do retail battle. It’s part of family folklore at this stage how without fail, the top slot annually went too: ‘large diamond ring’ and the last line read: ‘National Trust mug’, in between were plenty of fabulous options. So in the spirit of seasons past, I present…


1) large diamond ring (if you don’t ask…)

Make mine a ‘target’, a Georgian design which still feels modern… in diamonds, oh and sapphires…

oh look in emeralds too…

moving on…

2) The painting: I miss the woods, I miss villages and the valleys, ah yes – I miss England. Emily Sutton and Mark Hearld ‘s paintings are somehow both nostalgic and modern in their vision of ‘that green and pleasant land’… so for a reminder of home:

Emily’s Christmas looks oh-so cosy

Their work reminds me of those mid century artists so beloved by Ben Pentreath: Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden. So this ‘British Art’ painting seems rather fitting to illustrate Mark’s style. Although possibly the reason I ‘registered’ them is because they have both won awards from Elle Decor for their rather fab-fabrics.

3) Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me, Eartha Kitt croons and I’m on her team, although I’d be very happy with:

Mulberrry fur gilet, to rock everything up a bit.

Although I’d also be VERY happy with anything from Mulberry including a key-ring: which I could also use EVERY day (unlike gilet) for not-a-lot (unlike gilet).

4) Love letter post-box A.K.A. Muberry key-ring.

I even forgive it the Mulberry branding.

5) techie- it’s not romantic, but boys do understand it – and I would be thrilled to see the large rectangular (must-be apple-mac) box.

WE DEFINITELY KNOW WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE… But maybe I might personalise it with a gel skin:

5) charm me…I recently received Anina Vogel’s ‘investment charm necklace’ made from sections of gold Victorian fob chains with links for oodles of glorious charms….

So this is the present that just keeps giving to me… I thought my kiddies would like choosing charms with Daddy for years to come.

7) Funnily enough – I love arm candy…so make mine a Quality Street, I’m usually more of a Lindt-Lady, but for this I’d make an exception:

Anya Hindmarch‘s coin bag, would fit a lipstick and house key, so ready, steady, skip out that door. Ideally though attached to a Tiny Tim bag… never ending right?

8) Heels baby, their always the bottom of my shopping list – cashmere, jeans, T’s they all get ‘everyday’ prioity. So as this is indulgence …I’d like heels, I’d like glitter, oh go on …make it Miu Miu .

9) Books: From the Fabulous to the escapist:

David Downton’s Book, Masters of Fashion Illustration, Downton is Claridge’s in-house illustrator (so you know he’s fab…) and his serpentine ‘line of beauty’ is super chic.

Leading me on to… Miles Redd, whose drinks table I have always coveted…well he has released his ‘Big Book of Chic‘.

You know the man who designs Oscar de la Renta’s home line, upholstering the showroom walls in emerald green silk is going to be good…

Rex Whistler was Cecil Beaton’s great friend and Stephen Tennant’s partner in arms during Slade art school, upon reporting his death during the D-day landings The Times received more letters from the British public than for any other British Officer. I would like to know more. Hugh and Meribel Cecil’s new book may shed some light, ‘In Search of Rex Whistler: His Life and Work’.

Finally Patrick Leigh Fermor was an extraordinary character who charmed and wrote his way through a vividly colourful life. He walked from London to Istanbul age 18, swam the Bosphorous a la Byron – age 79. In between: he returned to the Cotswolds for the bluebell season, Christmased at Chatsworth, and became an honourary Greek citizen – carousing all the way.

10) i phone cover

Net a Porter goes geek-chic: high-resolution images of fossils, minerals and stones to protect-the-tech.

11) Anything in a Fortnums and Mason tin, but possibly their Jubille Christmas Pudding – just in case my own is a disaster (entirely possible).

12) A wedgewood archive collection mug– for morning tea, preferably in bed.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you have a woman in your life who occasionally wears high heels, likes bubble baths, champagne and considers Claridges bar ‘A OK’. Any of the above will go down nicely.

Now back to the Christmas crafting, or should I say – grafting.

Images from relevant retail websites.

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