A Good Read

How do you indulge? Nothing like a spot of time out over frothy cappuccino – I find. Simple Pleasures.

In fact my coffee got rather cold over House and Garden’s November issue, NOW rather well thumbed .

The home on the front is Bunny Turner’s terrace  significantly transformed by bold architectural decisions, but it was some of the small decorative-details that got me:  why? well it is such fun playing snap! You know when you see things you have in another house.

Rapture and Wright’s Cloud fabric off set by flash of red. Snap.

Although our armchair more usually looks like this:

Back in the more glamorous Bunny realm, there’s a Butterfly-on-the-mantelpiece moment, snap.

Mine flutter up as I wait for a ‘prime picture’ and Luke Irwin rug on order…

close up by the Sylvac Hyacinth vases

A pineapple lamp…on a drinks trolley, very welcoming.

Mine is in set-up but I did purchase these to make it refreshing, alot of this going on currently: ‘The pre- Christmas-primp-up’.

Upstairs there’s one of my favourite fabrics, Carnival by Christopher Farr on matching headboards with a whippet in between, Tippi our whippet is by the aga beside me currently and I have metres of this stashed for SOMETHING (you know the bits you store up and up).

Bunny Turner clearly has a lot of interiors-zap, her confident style has plenty of interesting contrasts  and layered patterns –  boldly leading you through the house. .

 I am hoping the Michael Anastassiades lights can come home one day.

 And flicking on through House and Garden the cupboards below.

Monochrome Chinoiserie printed on raw-birch panels, looking very 21st Century, pared back exotica= ‘undecorated-decorating’…

  Rather chuffed by  a’ final snap‘,  the ‘Gourmet’ guide to Christmas in a perfectly Decorative Affair colour-scheme, HAVE to attempt that fig-exttavaganza.

So thank you H and G,

Anyway sheer indulgence gave way to Halloween carry-on and now that I am finally back at my desk, I need to ‘Snap’ into shape for Christmas and get some work done.  But when I do put my feet up I shall indulge in a good read, these books are beckoning to me,  possibly over a glass of red wine,  in my cosy-cloud armchair.

Note to self: Indulgence can inspire. Enjoy.

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