Provencal Palette

I was struck afresh this summer by how beautiful Provence’s Luberon is at every time of day: the quality of light brings different elements forward, brilliant blue skies to amber dusks, white heat to warm golden tones. Cradled in the hills, or cooled by brilliant green streams in the valley, the ancient village buildings are all the more beautiful for their chalky-crumbling imperfections.

Life here is good, nature is oh-so bountiful under those ripening skies. Each day a visual feast is offered up within the daily cycle of life, a Provencal palette, here it is:

Sunrise is fresh and cool with lingering vistas

Village  shutters sleepy

As I descend for morning croissants ( a tad late admittedly – those shutters-  work a treat).

‘Dejeunered ‘I get in our little car (we have an family estate … but hey) I’ll pootle to the market daydreaming…

where fortified by café

I’ll shop with the best of them: for the freshest berries, trying not to eat too many en-route

the cutest tomatoes

multi-colouri courgette for my summer hit: courgette/mozzarella/hazelnut/lemon zest

Or maybe courgette flowers presented in sworls of newspaper, a culinary bouquet

Stuffed with the freshest eggs, lemon zest and all the rest

Of course … amidst the daily markets there is the lure of the ‘antiquaire’, impossible to resist…

Where confit and olive pots reflect nature’s palette

the Luberon’s ochre hills and green vines

or is it the berries, surely they inspired the village shop – my last stop

 Before I am undone…
emerging to  a white-heat,  where the provencal palette shifts from vibrant hues to greige and chalk:

Soft plaster tones reflecting the heat

Call for a shady spot, I love the ‘little old ladies’ one

beside Succulent window boxes

Back in the white-heat of lunch,  it’s possibly Rosé-time, I’ll raise a glass to Van day Truex

with a platter of green figs and soft white goat’s cheese

In the shade of those camouflaged plane trees,

While wondering why I didn’t buy those inviting vintage linens

For languid siestas behind closed shutters

it’s truly hot out there

And although those green valley rivers look inviting

I know how cold they are, I’ll settle for holiday maker’s poolside

Finally the day is spent, the heat retreats, leaving a golden glow

Rosé seems good

as  the sun sets

 on a landscape that

is blessed

Photos taken July/August 2012

‘Provencal Palettes’  for the home to follow.

Isle sur la Sorgue, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Sivergues, Lourmarin, Oppede le Vieux, Bonnieux, Goult, Coustellet, Menerbes in the Luberon.

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