Foundation Maeght -Better Than All The Rest

On Sunday I woke up ‘6 minutes’ from Foundation Maeght. We were there at 10 am sharp, opening.  Our visit was almost as quick, enfants in tow, chien in car.  In 2008 I saw the RA’s show ‘Aimé Maeght and His Artists’, it stuck: mythical names: Miró, Calder, Giacometti and Braque –  became poignant.

Foundation Maeght is a singular thing, as the RA puts it: Most great collections end up in the public domain by gift or by the creation of a specific museum. It is somewhat rarer for the gallery dealer to devote the fruits of their enterprise to the general good.  In creating the Foundation, the Maeghts celebrated their major artists but also ensured …contemporary art… would flourish in ideal surroundings.

Famille Maeght and many of their artists survived  World War II together: occupation, torture, profound loss. They  went on to shine a bright light into a raw new world.   The foundation opened in 1964: after the Pandora’s Box, Foundation Maeght is ‘Hope’.  The space is an extraordinary celebration of man’s creativity and nature’s wonder: dancing together.

High in the hills you enter a walled garden…

It unfurls, amidst  the high trees with secret places…

hidden surprises

and a strong welcome

Even the floor invites you in, asserting connectivity

and one day I might even get time inside with Chagall and co.

But some of us have to go straight through the door,  I didn’t mind –  it’s  the architecture and exterior that get me.  Josep Lluis Sert’s design and ingenuity are a dream.

These ellipses (impluvians) collect rainwater, lighten the building and extend shade, the bricks are locally fired etc

Even 6 year olds are impressed,

 particularly with Miro spouts  ( he starved himself into sur-realist trances)

there’s joyful random precision
Endless combinations of the old\new, smooth/rough, curved/straight –

Culminating in man’s impact on the earth, altering the view, all the better for this artistic vision.

Photos taken on the day.

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