Brandolini: Queen of Haute Bohemia

Muriel Brandolini is a decorator in her own world – where all is beauty, dazzling the eye and feeding the senses.  NY Times once crowned her “the newly minted arbiter of Haute Bohemian Chic”. An emerald green silk velvet pouf … Continue reading

Maison Jansen: At Home at Sea

I am a land-lover, when the sea floor disappears from view I mildly panic… where has land gone? Mine was not a childhood messing around on boats. But for one Greek dynasty this has been the case for generations and … Continue reading

Modern Beauty: more than flesh required

Once you have opened your eyes to a subject, things just pop up don’t they? A Little Bird’s weekly email arrived – a what’s up in London by ex-vogue glamour-pusses – lo and behold John Currin had an exhibition opening … Continue reading