A Welcome Drink

It’s the time of year when the mind turns to long lunches under shady trees, lingering evenings by candlelight… that is, if you live in sunny climes. However in Dublin we’re still somewhat wrapped up, and it got me thinking about welcoming guests in ALL weather conditions, really here the clincher is a drinks table. The one that’s burnt in my brain, is Miles Redd’s:

The William Kent style table, the array of colourful bottles and glasses, the giant clam, the coral walls, the books, the over-scaled pedestal and urn: the whole thing sings.  You know your going to have fun here.  I have daydreamed about this image quite alot, hunted for it again and again,  and then,  finally stumbled on it:

Illustrated in Deborah Needleman’s The Perfectly Imperfect Home.

The drinks table literally breaks the ice when people arrive, fixing themselves or being fixed a drink. It looks great  – all those glittering glasses and bottles. It’s useful as well as decorative. Big Tick.

Where to put it? It can  stand alone or share space on a large table, shelf, or console.

But to transform it, into Breakfast at Tiffany’s chic, you need to give it the accessories it deserves.


A tray for bottles 

a bottle opener

an ice bucket (or wide vase)

tongs or large spoon

a shaker (lets go vintage, they’re the best)

glasses: tall, short, stemmed

cocktail napkins 

space permitting, a cute cutting board  for lemons

If your a super hostess (might as  well try) then pretty  bowls for snacks, a candle and definitely a flower or two.

Drinks start with glasses and these popped up last week, they would go in any room – with any drink – and feel a little bit en-homage to Miles Redd’s cheery coral scene.

from Leif, and while on-site, I might have to get their Ginger Root sculptures for fun:Leif ginger root scupltures

Now it doesn’t really matter what the weather is, it’s definitely welcoming indoors, so let’s raise a glass.

‘Bar Accessories’ List definitely from Deborah Needleman,

Illustration from her book, credits for which led to an original image of Miles Redd’s drinks table on-line, chez the imcomparable Peak of Chic.

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