Very British Taste

The RA’s  Summer Show, I went with my mother a few years ago and it is an extraordinary spectacle of uber-britshness: up-from-the-country, hand bags at the ready, culture-specs on.  I felt a little hemmed in by the future: nothing like seeing oneself magnified, multiplied and en-masse display.  Now living abroad I feel a nostalgia for that very British-ness.

Back to the pot, Grayson Perry’s jokey  design, presents an homage to the RA’s Summer Show visitor. This show is the last bastion for an indomitable breed, the back bone of the country everywhere.

From  The National Trust, Farrow and Ball to the dog beside the Aga (always in the way), Waitrose (oh how I miss you) and Radio 4 (thank god for internet radio) – it’s all there. For me, The Antiques Roadshow could cease forever, shop-wise  it’s clearly John Lewis rather than M and S and Boden is too dreary,  as for those Proms – they need to watch out for the ‘Festival’ season.

Of course one can take issue, and that’s the point – Perry said he’s drawn to class as it’s such an emotive issue.  His latest exhibition The Vanity of Small Differences is a modern take on the Rake’s Progress from housing estate to “the sunlit uplands of the upper-middle classes” through to a car-crash finale.

I saw on line suggestions for the reverse of Perry’s pot, rather neat non? mine would be:

Nicole Farhi

Downton Abbey

Country File

The Daily Telegraph


children called: Lily, Mungo, Sorrel, Tullalah etc.

recycling boxes

& of course…The RA Summer Show

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