The cat’s whiskers

The party of the century, and what did they all wear – masks. Elegant, sexy, tongue in cheek… miaow. At Truman Capote’s black and white ball those SWANS got their feathers ruffled. But the cat who really caught my attention was Sinatra with his butterfly-bride Mia Farrow. Rumour has it he didn’t make much of the party rounding up his coterie at 2.45 am for his favourite late night joint Jilly’s.

Sinatra brought to mind a cat-hat doing the rounds now. Marie Mercié’s hat is super-chic: pared back, sur-real and edgy -ALL at once.

Nocturnal, independent, elegant …no wonder the celebrities and style-setters of today are purring …

fashion blogger Peony Lim

Emma Roberts, Anne Hathaway and fash-pack ladies have all been snapped in the hat.

It really is very chic isn’t it?

Actually very Breakfast at Tiffany’s chic.

from the beloved cat

to Givenchy’s timeless fashion

and THE iconic Holly Golightly look: up-lifted chignon a-top chicest black. She’d suit that hat wouldn’t she?

Of course Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffanys and was the cat’s whiskers until he turned his claws on his coterie, so I recommend sticking just to THE hat when channelling the cat. Forever chic.

Images from Peony Lim, Emma Roberts – Tatler.

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