Hip Hip Hooray: Its Diamond Jubilee Day


Well it is soon, and I have a perfect present for my mother. Her birthday is June 3rd when bunting will be fluttering over the village as the fire beacons are lit and toasts raised over cake until late into the night. However you look at it, 60 years on the throne doesn’t happen very often, Elizabeth II is second only to Victoria, definitely time for male-primogeniture to ‘get out‘.

Now I know my mother will have ‘THE’ mug. I could get the tea towel – Royalty has bowed to public pressure and produced one, however having seen it online, they needn’t have acquiesced – Emma Bridgewater truly rules in this area.

But tea towels don’t quite cut it for birthdays, so I am thinking ‘fashion’, or rather ‘fashion royale’: the ubiquitous headscarf.

Back in the mists of childhood when the Silver Jubilee came around, I remember my father’s fashionable birthday presents: a gucci head scarf, the logo’d box, the rustle of tissue paper, then blowsy roses rising up or derby winners and snaffle bits. Homage seems appropriate. Victoria’s museum, the V and A have an amazing Cecil Beaton tribute scarf by Laura Beren’s, inspired by their Diamond Jubilee Exhibition, here Cecil liberally scatters gold dust over royal mystique, creating iconic images of her majesty, as featured regally at the top of this post.

Now I would frame it, in a ‘downstairs loo’ type spot, but if Mummy wants to go Fashion-Royale, it would give me great pleasure…

So let’s charge our glasses, raise a cake, we’ve got a commemorative date.

All images from the V and A, except the queen in headscarf from the Racing Post.

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