Home Accessory: Breast Up

I have had a thing about Jonathon Adler, along with the rest of NYC and now London for a while.  I like the humour and the 70’s glamour-vibe.  The thing I really want is the ‘boobie’  Georgia lamp, I know, maybe I could give it over to the husband.  But it makes me smile, its in super-matt (shiny could be scary) and I like a pin-up girl or two, they are cheering.

I have already gave the husband, the Paul Smith ‘pin up’ wallet , a long time ago:

I bought a gorgeous-girlie picture a while back.  She was wedged in a staircase forlornly gathering dust in Gallery 25. I spruced her up and put her above the bath, for a better view over bubbles.

So maybe’s it’s time to complete a pert-breast triumvirate,  with the aforementioned sur-realist Georgia lamp.

I’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up, but Georgia won’t quite cut it for the husband… Guess she’s for my bed side then?

One thought on “Home Accessory: Breast Up

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