The cat’s whiskers

The party of the century, and what did they all wear – masks. Elegant, sexy, tongue in cheek… miaow. At Truman Capote’s black and white ball those SWANS got their feathers ruffled. But the cat who really caught my attention … Continue reading

Hip Hip Hooray: Its Diamond Jubilee Day

Well it is soon, and I have a perfect present for my mother. Her birthday is June 3rd when bunting will be fluttering over the village as the fire beacons are lit and toasts raised over cake until late into … Continue reading

Billy Baldwin: The Bones of a Room – Lecture 2.

You dont keep a stellar client list happy without an ability to hold your ground (or in Baldwin’s case carpet) with great charm. He notes, The important thing was to keep our relationship a pleasure from beginning to end. Commercial work, … Continue reading

Billy Baldwin: Lecture Me One More Time

Billy Baldwin was THE decorator because his style forged a vision of crisp, uncontrived glamour which defined the modern American aesthetic, for this we all owe him a debt of design gratitude. He  designed from the very humanist principle: “No … Continue reading