String is in the Air

My daughter arrived home yesterday and announced ‘Today is the first day of spring –  we can have a picnic!’.  I had to disappoint, shuddering in the Siberian wind chill, which has penetrated even the kitchen’s aga warmth.  But it turns out little signs are everywhere, mainly of the string variety, string having that jaunty, nautical feel -and it keeps popping up over the last few days,  for example Anthropologie‘s spring email arrived today and it featured ‘rope’, a sur-real  lamp:

Cute – I thought,  and then I  realised it really has been a string week.  In London I visited Jonathon Adler‘s new Sloane Avenue store, more of a pilgrimage really, and swooned over most things including …the string-wrapped banister:

In his case complemented by hessian backdrop and lashing of fab  vases:

A visit  later that day to The French House‘s store yielded, a copper pendant with string-wrapped fitting, glamorous utility chic.

String on the brain, I mentally reviewed why I like it so.

Tick –  It is slightly tongue-in-cheek, surprising.

Tick –  its  tactile, rustic nature adds warmth and depth to modern interiors, a casual element in formal spaces.

Tick – it’s a great texture

Tick – The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss contains the excellent ‘History of String‘.

The pieces above are easy ‘string moments’, gentle on the eye and the wallet.  Of course there is another level, rope, here resides Christian Astuguevieille: sculptor, perfumer, creative director – his rope furniture is extra-ordinary.

He simply states:  I create the shapes, then I cover them.  

designers (Laura Day/Kara Mann) expand this in design-speak: His pieces are not about functionality or utility, they are about interaction. Utilizing tactile materials, he redefines conventional objects so that we look at them in a new way. 

After I had read Guy Trebay’s article  and interview, I am  at one with ‘design-speak’. Monsieur Astuguevieille comes accross as rare, fascinating, brilliantly and fabulously eccentric. So rope-lust firmly up, I looked at a couple of knock out interiors featuring his pieces.

Christian Astuguevieille’s chest of drawers in situ at Hotelito,  LA designer’s Mexican hideaway hotel

Christian Astuguevieille’s Rope table, chairs and kitchen unit

A couple of close up images are below, his pieces are quoted on Artnet, feature on 1st Dibs and are stocked in the US by Holly Hunt. Further his work evolves, a journey in string….

A close up of one of his chandalier’s lumoir

nesting side tables

Console on artnet

So…Here’s to string, may the picnic blanket get shaken out soon and sea salt fill the air as we enjoy sun-filled days.

Image Credits:

Hotelito: the Telegraph. Rope kitchen unit:, Chandalier: Holly Hunt.

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